ALC : Alicante

ALC : Alicante

An abundant walk at the beach, a turquoise ocean, then some delicious tapas in a small café and last but not least dancing your feet of in some wild nightclubs: that’s how a day could be in Alicante. To prepare you for days like this ALICANTE comes with a velvet suede leather and a handstitched element on the upper: an all-rounder for outstanding the crowd. The ultra-cozy “light a:rt” outsole with phylon and the unique neoprene sock construction at the back part allow you to stroll through Alicante feeder light and for hours.

Upper: nappa/cow suede; handstitch

Lining/ Insole: "no lining" style

Outsole: "light a:rt"

Colour: navy

99.95 EUR